Finding Success When Renting a Trade Show Exhibit

Choosing to use a trade show exhibit rental, as opposed to purchasing a custom display booth, can be cost effective and also save you time. This is a great option when you’re trying to get the job done last minute, and do not have a large marketing budget. However, your trade show exhibit planning will still require more thought. The most successful exhibits are fully customized to reflect the core message of your business through creative, informative graphics in conjunction with knowledgeable sales representatives.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Setup with a Rental Trade Show Exhibit

Graphics are often the very first aspect of your booth space that visitors notice when they walk by at a convention or trade show. That’s why it is vital that you utilize high resolution, high color images and text when designing your tradeshow graphics. They will be your first attempt at reeling in potential customers.

In addition to being eye-catching in nature, effective trade show graphics can help differentiate your booth space from your surrounding competitors’ space, also providing separation from them. This all depends on the style of your exhibit, but there are a plethora of options with regard to visual booth separation.

Your trade show graphics, such as large murals or banners can add versatility to your exhibit. They can be printed on a wide range of substrates, from paper to vinyl to fabric. Banners and murals can be used as popup displays near the front or back of your space, or as a key element of the rental exhibit.

It’s Not Just About the Exhibit – You Need Good Sales People

Once convention guests are brought in by the exhibit’s attractive design, it’s up to your staff to engage those visitors and turn them into customers. The text on your exhibit graphics should pre-qualify them as interested in your products or services, so a good salesperson should be able to convert them into business.

Ideally, several aspects of your business should be represented at your exhibit. For example, there should be a representative from each department of your business if there are separate entities within the company, as a specialized employee can better demonstrate the value, effectiveness, etc of their particular area.

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