Marketing With Trade Show Exhibits

Exhibiting at trade shows can be a very effective marketing method, which allows you to create personal connections, as well as target the right people for pitching your products and/or services. Many companies avoid this method due to the assumption of high cost associated with attending such exhibitions; however there are ways to attend these events and successfully market your brand without breaking the bank.

In the current economic situation, there are less and less exhibitors at many industry trade shows; which gives those still capable of attending, an opportunity for high return on investment. Due to the decreased level of competition from other exhibitors, you can separate your business from those not in attendance. The beauty of this situation is that you will not need a typical “show stopping” exhibit to garner a lot of attention.

Different Exhibit Options Available 
If you plan to participate in an industry trade show, and do not yet have an exhibit, you will need to either purchase or rent one. There are advantages to both buying and renting your trade show exhibit, as well as disadvantages for each. When renting an exhibit you will spend considerably less money on the exhibit, however you will only have access to the exhibit for the one show. If your industry has many different trade shows, expos or conventions, you will likely want to be at most, if not all of them. This is when purchasing your trade show exhibit is definitely the best option. When you own your exhibit, you can re-use the truss system over and over while implementing new graphics as necessary.

Purchasing a custom built trade show exhibit is quite expensive, however a custom designed truss system isn’t necessary. Many trade show exhibit providers offer a variety of template exhibits which you can customize yourself through the use of graphics and other add-ons that will make your space stand out.

Renting your exhibit is considerably cheaper, but as stated earlier it isn’t a great option when you’ll be attending multiple shows. You can purchase the graphics you’ll be implementing, and keep renting the truss for each show; however the cost of your graphics can be fairly small in comparison to the rental exhibit. In the event that your industry only has one trade show per year, renting can be a better option in that you can use a different type of exhibit each time, so as to not appear the same year after year.

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