Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Renting a trade show exhibit gives you an opportunity to have a new look at each show. Renting also costs only a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new trade show display. Today, a whole range of trade-show rental exhibits is available to fit every budget and requirement. Along with the displays and exhibits, a lot of the rental companies also rent out the accessories that you might need.

There are many reasons why renting a trade show exhibit is a preferred choice. For one, renting is less of a hassle. In most cases, representatives of the rental company are on site to supervise the installation of the exhibit and assist you with last-minute setting up. As a result, your responsibility in maintaining the booth decreases considerably.

As with other rentals, the total cost of putting up an exhibit is much less if you are renting it. Even though you get a custom-built booth for your exclusive use, the costs are a lot less than purchasing a booth. Renting makes it possible for you to afford a much better trade show exhibit at the same value. Purchasing an exhibit is a massive initial investment. Rentals help to contain your initial expenses. Union installation and union dismantling costs are fixed into your rental package, regardless of local union scale increases. Sometimes freight charges are also included in your rental package. There are no additional charges for storage from show to show, regardless of how many crates the exhibit is packed in. Also, the money saved in rentals can be put towards other marketing uses.

Since a rental exhibit is not hired on a permanent basis, this leaves the option of having a new exhibit for virtually every show. This provides an exhibitor with a lot of variety. Overall, trade show exhibit rentals are a definite way to expose your company to a maximum number of show attendees.

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